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Single Seat Booking @ QC Makerspace

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  student soldering

We are excited that you are interested to visit the QC Makerspace inside the Rosenthal Library.

Appointments are available up to three weeks in advance.

Appointments must be made 24+ hours in advance.

We have 4 large desks. Each desk can safely accommodate 3 seats with social distancing.


  • Click the "Next Available" button below to advance to the next day when appointments are available.
    • or use the arrows or "Go To Date" button to navigate the calendar
  • Click the block of time that most closely aligns with your 1/4 hour of arrival to Rosenthal and the Makerspace.
    • e.g. if you plan to arrive at 11:20AM, select the 11:15AM block.
    • the system will automatically book your seat for the remainder of that day.
  • Click the "Submit Times" button when you are ready to confirm your appointment, and enter your details.
    • You MUST register with your QC email address - confirmation & cancellation emails will also be sent here!

All appointments are held in moderation while staff availability is confirmed - we will reply ASAP with confirmation.


All NEW visitors to the QC Makerspace will undergo "Orientation" at their first visit. Orientation requires around 30-40 minutes immediately upon arrival. You will have many questions, and we have answers!

NOTE: Please consult QC's guidelines for Campus Access. You must follow those instructions to access campus.

Email us with any additional inquiries.

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